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CCI AG is experienced in building e-commerce solutions persuing various goals in different markets. Our business development approach to e-business projects guarantees your added value. Displayed are some current projects that show the diversity of our expertise. Are you looking to do business online? Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our services and expertise in e-business.




At CCI AG we strongly believe in the slow death of paid listing for most markets. The original added value of listing structured data for easy access, sorting and selection has been rendered unnecessary. Google already takes care of that and thus makes classified listing portals unrequired intermediaries. For certain market segments such an intermediary is duely needed. This is true for highly fragmented markets as the beauty industry. Such markets usually compose of thousands of small businesses catering to locals. Most of these ventures are too small to implement a dedicated digital strategy with according efforts and media budget.

We provide a plattform, beautyverzeichnis.ch, enabling a business not only to list their shop in a market category, but to list all their actual products and services. We structure all listed data for optimzied indexing by Google. This lets the listed products and services appear in Google Products- and Google Services Search Results.

For these highly fragmented markets an intermidiary role adds value and enhances the listing party’s search enginge visibility. As an addittional bonus we offer the option of selling specific service and product vouchers in a centralized online shop.

Further we support the local beauty industry by providing procurement services through an online shop. The shop offers a wide variety of products targeted for the beauty industry, e.i. hairdressers, cosmetic studios, massage studios, tattoo studios, makeup studios, fitness studios, etc.

The local fashion industry, i.e. the large amount of boutiques and local fashion shops, also constitutes as a highly fragmented market. With boutiqueverzeichnis.ch and fashionstores.ch we provide the same service as we do for the beauty industry. We provide the market with a listing of fashion boutiques throughout Switzerland and the labels they carry. Yet for the fashion industry we took the entire idea of listing products and service sto the next level, digital level that is. With a one stop meta shop we provide each and every listing party with their own online shop to sell their clothing and assesories to the digital audience. Shop owners get an inexpensive and simple way to sell their products online and users get to select from a huge range of fashion to choose from in one modern digital shop.
But we’re not leaving it at that, we’re adding our own affiliate marketing network and connecting it with a network of fashion bloggers to create an enhanced outreach for the featured products. Shop owners now get their own online sales force!
The time of the large internet portals is over. Or does anyone remember „Yellowworld“, „Swissonline“ or „Bluewin“? In the early days of e-commerce, online retailers would pay huge sums to be able to display their valuable content on such portals. The portals unfortunately failed to see the writing on the wall and missed the transition to content being the determening factor and the need to pay for good content. This rendered all such portals as irrelevant for any aspect of the modern online customer journey. But bringing together businesses within their market field delivers much added value. We can deliver b2b information and and market news as well as b2b procurement options. Additional options may include online meta shops, affiliate marketing networks as well as company and product/service listing optimized for the leading search enginges. If you’re in a market, where your trade guild or union has done nothing to support your online activities, come talk to us. We will deliver the solutions you require.

Like 18 years ago the Real Estate market is looking at major changes. These major changes will primarily affect the publication process chain. The anticipated changes are the direct result of user behavior and the rise of Google.

A real estate company actually has few assets. In a market like Switzerland, with demand outperforming supply, the actual properties to offer on the market are the most valuable assets. The second most valuable asset is the companies operating budget, i.e. the marketing budget. You could argue that the offered services, the team and the brand are also valuable assets. This is true and will add to the argument calling for the shift in how properties will be published in the future.

Just around the turn of the millennia the leading real estate directories in Switzerland, homegate.ch and ImmoScout24.ch, were able to win the market for their services, by delivering an added value. They delivered the added value of displaying structured and comparable data to the user (demand). They also delivering a market share high enough to create a sound basis for decisions. For the supply side they delivered the added value of a constant stream of visitors and adequate conversions. This lead to a massive swing from classic media use, primarily classified print, to the use of these new online channels.

What the real estate directories failed to deliver for real estate companies, was brand awareness and the marketing of their services. But most important of all, they failed to deliver added value for the property acquisition process. This is most crucial, because Switzerland is not only ruled by supply, but by a market that demands exclusive real estate mandates. Now every real estate professional in Switzerland will agree that the acquisition process is the most difficult and most expensive endeavor in the field. Yet it is remains most important goal of every real estate firm.

This failure is the reason why the real estate industry still puts ads in newspapers and other completely antiquated channels. The leading real estate directories perfectly take care of the sales side, but do nothing for the acquisition side of the equation.